CoMark & Equity Marketing Alliance Evaluate Joint Opportunities

CoMark & Equity Marketing Alliance Evaluate Joint Opportunities

Two of the region’s most innovative grain marketing, logistics and risk management companies, CoMark Grain Marketing LLC (CGM) and Equity Marketing Alliance (EMA), are engaging in a joint in-depth study of future partnership opportunities.

“We clearly have a shared vision,” said EMA Board President Shawn Hughes. Terry Kohler, CGM Board President agreed.

“In today’s business environment and with current grain industry trends, it not only makes sense, but is a responsibility to our members and producers to explore all avenues that increase our ability to react to consumer demand and enable us to better prepare for the future,” Kohler said.

The two 100% cooperatively owned companies already jointly own the newly operational Chisolm Trail Terminal, a state of the art shuttle grain facility located near Medford, Oklahoma.

About Equity Marketing Alliance

In order to provide greater value and returns for their member owner’s grain, six Oklahoma cooperatives joined their grain marketing divisions in 2001 and formed Equity Marketing Alliance, LLC (EMA). EMA’s team of specialists provide grain pricing, merchandising, logistics and accounting services for their member companies. EMA currently has seventeen cooperative member-owners operating 87 locations in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. To learn more, visit

About CoMark

CoMark Grain Marketing LLC (CGM) was established in 2008 to bring efficiency to the grain marketplace with decreased risk for 13 cooperatives in south central, southeast, and northwest Kansas and north central Oklahoma. CGM is responsible for merchandising, risk management, sales accounting, and other grain responsibilities for these companies. Since 2008, CGM has grown in its membership from nine members to currently 13 members with 74 locations. For more information visit