Insurance Products

Multiple Peril Crop Insurance

Comprehensive protection against weather related causes of loss and other unavoidable losses for most crops. This coverage provides protection against low yields, poor quality, late planting, prevented planting and cost of replanting depending upon the crop. Coverage is available at 50 to 85% of the actual production history (APH) for each farm covered. The level selected will determine the yield guarantee. You as the producer, have the option of electing an indemnity price from 60 to 100 percent of the Federal Crop Insurance expected market price at the time of purchase. An indemnity is paid for each bushel or pound that your actual yield of your insured crop is below your guaranteed yield due to insured causes of loss.

Supplemental Coverage Option

A companion product to the PLC (Price Loss Coverage) USDA Farm Program, SCO will add coverage to your operation if the county wide average revenue falls short.  SCO coverage extends your MPCI insurance to 86%.

Crop Hail Protection

This policy provides protection against yield reduction caused by hail, fire and lightning.  Wind damage can also be covered on small grain crops if accompanied by hail. Policies can be written any time during the growing season. Deductibles are available as well as premium payment options. Policy must be in place at least 2 hours before damage occurs.


PCI is a private, revenue-based product that insures the most utilized inputs on crops–fertilizer, seed, and chemicals as well as an additional specific amount of revenue per acre. PCI encourages farm managers to do what the farm needs, when it is needed. There is no ceiling nor an effect on premium as input costs rise. This insurance can be used as collateral with major banks. Each agreement is personally analyzed and prepared.

Price Select

Price Select is a supplement to the Revenue Protection (RP) Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) policy. Producers can choose to purchase additional months besides the base and harvest months to determine their revenue guarantee. If the average futures price during a chosen month is higher than both the base price and harvest price the producer gets to use that price to calculate their guarantee.


MP PLUS adds $.50, $1.00 or $1.50 to your MPCI price which gives you more protection. This additional coverage allows producers to insure closer to a break even. Unit structure on MP PLUS matches your underlying MPCI policy and triggers when you have any MPCI claim. Covers up to 15 bushels of loss.

Livestock Risk Protection

LRP can be purchased throughout the year. Producers are paid if cash prices drop below the predetermined coverage price. Cover one animal or cover them all- up to 4,000 head of fed cattle or 2,000 head of calves and stockers. Coverage is available from 13 to 52 weeks on calves, heifers, stockers and fed cattle.

Annual Forage

Annual Forage pilot program provides coverage to acreage that is planted each year and used as feed and fodder by livestock. This pilot program utilizes the Rainfall Index to correlate to this acreage for potential losses due to lack of rainfall.

Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage

PRF is designed to protect you from hay and grazing losses due to lack of rainfall. It is based on precipitation (rainfall index). The policy allows producers to insure all or part of your acres. You can select the coverage levels, index intervals, and productivity factor.