Why An Employee Stays for 43 Years

Why An Employee Stays for 43 Years

Earlier this month Rex Boyer retired from a career to which he had dedicated more than half his life. In August of 1976, Rex started work at Farmers Grain Company in Hunter, Oklahoma. On September 4 at noon, the 70 year old walked out of the Hunter location, forty-three years later, to start a new phase of his life.

A man of few words, Rex gave a short answer when asked what he enjoyed most about working for Farmers Grain. “I really like the people I work with. It is in my hometown and has good benefits.”

According to Kent Prickett, General Manager of Farmers Grain Company, “Rex is one of a kind. That level of long-term dedication to a job and a company does not go unnoticed. We truly appreciate the way that Rex did his best work day after day.”

So what will Rex do with all his spare time? “I wish someone would tell me,” he said. “I guess I’ll follow my grand kids around for a while.”

He did have one piece of advice for other Farmers Grain employees, “Don’t get discouraged with the ups and downs. You have to balance them out.”

Good advice, for all aspects of life.